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Hello! My name is Alex Rodriguez- if you’re wondering if i’ve ever been called A-Rod before, why yes…almost exclusively 🙂


Thanks for stopping by my humble little slice of the internet. I’m an advertising account manager that, like many others, loves to travel. I often travel solo and without a strict itinerary, but a firm believer that the best experiences come out of having no plan at all.


I’ve started this little blog after years of wondering whether anyone would want to read another travel blog. After a lot of back and forth and after coming back from another incredible trip, I decided that I what I love most about traveling is the people I meet and the stories we share. I determined I was ready to share my stories to anyone who wants to listen.

This blog is my first attempt at sharing all my experiences and telling you about the great people and places I encounter along the way in the hopes that maybe it inspires you- whether it’s to get the courage to chat up the person next to you, visit a new city with friends, or to get out your comfort zone and travel solo for the first time. 


I love to meet other fellow travelers and hear about their experiences. Feel free to share suggestions, travel recommendations, or just say hello!


xo Alex

About Where Alex Went

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